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SALD provides your educational institution or organization with professionally developed training sessions and workshops to enhance productivity, efficiency and empathy.

We have a network of professional trainers who are experienced and can deliver excellent trainings in their core areas. We use research to guide our focused programs and execute them with experienced competence.

Following are broad topics of our training and workshop sessions:

- Critical thinking skill development
- Instilling core ethical values in students
- Life-skills based education
- Formative and summative assessments
- Learning styles: VARK (Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, Kinesthetic)
- Mind Map techniques
- Combatting Corporal punishment and bullying in school
- Self-efficacy and self esteem
- Building relationship with Students
- Using gratitude in education
- 'The power of connection, care and bonding’
- Professionalism in teaching
- Community teacher development program
- Community relationship building