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What is SALD

The foundation of School of Affective Leadership Development (SALD) is based on 17 years of experience gained from a community based school established in a marginalized area of Karachi. This experience lays the basic underpinning of research on cognitive affective curriculum and the practice of Affective leadership.


SALD enables the development of a comprehensive Affective program, various trainings and tailored consultancy services to equip educators with the essential skills so that they transform into Affective leaders.

– Affective Teacher Program
– NAHL- Be like the Bee

– Teachers training
– Faculty development
– 21st Century Skills

– Early Childhood Development
– Community School Management
– School Staff development
– Competency and skill development for students
– Student leadership and character education


SALD envisions to develop the youth by introducing the following programs that have been designed to enhance student and youth leadership at the school and community levels.
School of Shaheen (SOS): A training program for the youth so that they inculcate the qualities of ‘Shaheen’ envisioned by Allama Iqbal.

– 21st Century Skill
– Emotional Intelligence


SALD aims to develop energetic affective leaders that possess emotional intelligence in dealing with their personal and professional lives.

– Affective Leadership Program
– Emotional Intelligence

– Emotional Intelligence


SALD provides empowerment and community involvement workshops and trainings for employees, volunteers or members of the community to help participants understand Affective leadership within their communities. We offer the following workshops:

– Management skills
– Building connections with community
– Strategic team building
– Emotional intelligence
– Power of intentions
– Helping youth acquire values and citizenship qualities
– Volunteerism
– Inspiring successful leaders
– Embarking on meaningful participation in local and regional communities
– Community relationship building


SALD aims to build an affective community through awareness programs, interventions, seminars and talks that would promote its philosophy. These interventions and lectures are tailored to each audience and are designed to raise awareness and community involvement as well as inspire dialogue among educators, parents, school leaders, school staff, youth, or the community. Our aim is to inspire the community so they form meaningful relationships based on trust and care. Some of our topics to promote harmony and raise awareness include:

– Raising children of character
– Self-awareness and improvement
– Student and youth leadership
– Finding your personal mission
– Gratitude and positive thinking
– Civic engagement and the inspiration for change
– Non-violent communication

Our awareness programs and interventions create a sense of community, meaning, and purpose, while shedding light on relevant issues. You can also request special awareness programs to be integrated within our consultation or training services.