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SALD can advise your leadership to mould your school into an affective educational nurturing environment where your teachers and other staff member can work in a smooth administrative system. You can design and develop an entire school system with SALD as our consultancy is based on years of experience and research.

We offer our services in the following key areas:

– Early Childhood Development
– Community School Management
– School Staff development
– Competency and skill development for students
– Student leadership and
– Character education


As humans we all experience range of emotions- from happy to sad- on a daily basis. At times we are not able to manage our emotions as a result we procrastinate our work, have bad interpersonal relationships, and suffer from outbursts of anger. Acquiring some insight about our emotions will help us manage them and make the most of their power.

You can take advantage of SALD’s individual counselling sessions where you will be able to:

– Manage anger and become assertive
– Let go of painful emotions (emotional baggage)
– Cope in a healthy way during stressful situations