Our team at SALD has developed comprehensive programs especially for educational institutions. Through our research-based trainings and tailored consultancy services we strive to equip educators with skills that are needed to facilitate their transformation into Affective Leaders for the 21st century.

This program is exclusively designed to equip Islamic Studies teachers with the concepts and methodology of applied affective teaching.

This program shall equip them to:

– Inculcate critical thinking and character-building skills

– Alternate rote-learning with fun-based teaching methodologies

– Identify the strategies to manage emotions

– Identify alternatives to corporal punishment

B.  Affective ‘Teacher Leader’ Program
This program focuses on the development of our educators’ methodology of applying the tools and techniques that are essential in tackling the learning challenges of this era.

This program shall equip them to:

– Deliver a comprehensive cognitive-affective curriculum

– Identify the strategies to manage emotions

– Have interactive sessions with their students

C.  Affective Teacher’s Forum
This program was formed to highlight the importance of effective teaching. It Introduces teachers to the Affective education model which works parallel to the cognitive learning model and will equip them with emotional intelligence skills. ATF aims to fulfill the following:

– Train teachers to become caring individuals

– Assist teachers to integrate empathy in teaching

– Enable teachers to create an effective learning society

– Provide a platform for teachers to work together

2. Professionals

SALD aims to transform professionals, from the public and private sectors, into effective leaders through trainings that enhance their core competencies and relationship management. These trainings revolve around developing facultative skills including interpersonal skills, self-awareness, and self-management while focusing on ethical and moral values.

3. Youth

Our team at SALD has designed an exclusive program, the School of Shaheen, on the model envisioned by Allama Iqbal.

The objective of this program is to:
– Prepare our youth to face the challenges of tomorrow
– Nurture and instill qualities needed to have an exemplary society

– Allama Iqbal

4. NGOs

Our team at SALD aspires to enrich

NGOs and CBOs of the future with the tools needed to develop a talent pool and facilitate in bridging all gaps between public or private institutions and marginalized communities.

Our team at SALD has the expertise to provide networking solutions and training opportunities to NGOs and CBOs.