Our Trainers


Manahil Khatri

Manahil Khatri has an MSc. in Educational Leadership & Management, and an MBA in Human Resource Management. She is an accomplished trainer having a substantial training experience. She conducts workshops for teachers and students on: Curriculum Design, Learning-styles and tools, Effective Classroom Management techniques, Referencing and Paraphrasing, Critical Thinking, Time Management, etc. She has taught ‘Communication Skills’, ‘Business Writing Skills’ and ‘Oral Communication and Presentation Skills’ to undergraduates at various universities.

Humaira Vawda

Humaira Vawda has an MBA from IBA – Karachi and is also a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt from Sweden. She has almost 20 years of work experience with local & multinational corporations. She is a professional trainer, mentor, and a counselor. She has taught at various Universities & Business Schools. She is also associated with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) as a Mentor of their program, RAHBAR, and The Garage School (TGS) working closely with street children from marginalized areas of the community.

Arubah Malik

Arubah Malik has an MPhil in Clinical Psychology and is Certified in Psychological First Aid from Johns Hopkins University. She is an Associate Psychologist at Umeed-e-Nau Clinic – Bahria University Karachi and is the Head Counselor of the Healthy Minds Program at Manzil Educational Organization. She conducts trainings for teachers and students on anger-management, radical acceptance, and self-love.

Ramla Hozefa

Ramla Hozefa Poonawala did her BSc. in Computer Science and her MSc. in Education Leadership & Management. She has worked as a Researcher, an Academic Coordinator and as a Teacher for middle & high school. She is experienced in the development of inquiry-based curriculum for Science and Mathematics and has coached teachers to execute research-based practices in the classroom. She has conducted various in-service teacher trainings and workshops on Inquiry-Based Teaching, Formative Assessments, Lesson Planning and Curriculum Development.

Saima Masood

Saima Masood has a Master’s in Educational Leadership & Management, and she is a certified Montessori-trained Directress from AMI. She has worked as an organizational development consultant for a pre-school and is involved in community service basically empowering teachers and educating underprivileged students within our community. She has conducted workshops and trainings at several schools.

Tehmina Adil

Tehmina Adil has a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Management, she is a certified NLP coach and a Life coach. She has over eighteen years of experience giving trainings and mentoring people from all walks of life. She is well versed in Islam and delivers trainings on Islamic education in addition to giving Quran & Sunnah classes.

Shazia Mirza

Shazia Mirza is a Certified Life Coach and is working on her PhD from AEU, Malaysia on Educational Leadership & Management. She is a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Practitioner. She is the Founder and CEO of Manzil Educational Organization (MEO), Head of Department at The Ilm Foundation, serves as a Convener for FPCCI Education Committee. She established the School of Affective Leadership Development (SALD). She has conducted several trainings and workshops on affective leadership to a diverse audience in the US, UAE, Turkey, and Pakistan.

Umer Shams

Umer Shams is Chartered Accountant (ICAP), he has 12+ years of experience in business advisory, power utility and healthcare industry. He has conducted several trainings, workshops, and seminars at various venues.

Syed Muaz Shah

Syed Muaz Shah is the Director of the Centre for Human Rights at Ziauddin University Faculty of Law. His focus area of work has been women and children's rights working with UNWOMEN and international adoption agencies to promote international standards in Pakistan with the legal fraternity and relevant institutions such as orphanages. He is a certified mediator and arbitrator working to promote ADR in Pakistan along with assisting NGOs in legal consultancy. He conducts webinars, seminars, trainings, and workshops at various venues.

Syed Ahmed Shah

Syed Ahmed Shah is a Certified Life Coach and a Licensed NLP Practitioner from the Society of NLP. He has conducted several trainings, workshops, and seminars at various venues. He mentors, and coaches individuals and teams in several areas of specialization.

Asim Gul

Asim Gul has a Bachelor’s in Business, he is a Nutrition Advisor and is a certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York - the World’s Largest Nutrition School. He has conducted several trainings and discussions at various venues on nutrition.